Mastertrak Keeps you Connected to Your Bottom Line

Today, staying profitable means being connected to your entire company and all your assets.  It involves doing more with less, and doing it faster.  To do that you need timely, targeted information on performance, productivity and more, delivered when and where you need it, wherever you are.

Equipment malfunction, inefficiency, misuse, waste, and theft are drags on your bottom-line.  But they’re all preventable–if you’re connected.  For that, you need MasterTrak Advanced Telematics.  With MasterTrak, you can cover a ton of ground… and never leave your desk.

MasterTrak is an industry-leading asset-management tool that monitors critical equipment for health, location, utilization, security, maintenance, compliance and other information.  It provides end-to-end connectivity and crucial real-time data to OEMs, dealers, rental companies, service providers, and a wide range of end users, helping them to improve equipment performance, reduce failures and risk, and maximize uptime and profitability.  With notifications, alerts and customized reports that integrate directly into business systems, it gets the right information to the right people at the right time–by cellular, satellite or online.